ArbTS Arboricultural Technician

Arboricultural Technician Services

We provide a professional range of tree technician services. These tree services include tree surveys, tree constraints plans/protection plans for development sites to the British Standard 5837:2012, tree condition reports, tree risk assessments and Computer Aided Design (CAD) plans. We draw on a wide range of practical, technical and academic knowledge to provide a high standard of service.

• Tree Constraints Plans
• Arboricultural Impact Assessments
• Arboricultural Method Statements
• Tree Shade Plans
• Tree Protection Plans
• Site Monitoring Inspections
• Tree surveys/plans using GPS, GIS and CAD technology
• Trees and Planning Advice
• Tree and Hedgerow Planting Specification
• Tree Condition Inspections and management recommendations
• Tree Risk Assessments
• Diagnosing trees for ill health or diseases
• Hedgerow Surveys
• Tree Preservation Order/Conservation Area advice
• Woodland Surveys
• Planning Applications relating to tree issues
• Planning Appeals relating to tree issues
• Client/Local Planning Authority discussions