Stephen Lucocq BSc (Hons), Tech Cert (ArborA), M.Arbor.A

Stephen has been involved in Arboriculture for over fifteen years. He has both knowledge of the practical side of the industry through working as an Arborist as well as a strong academic, technical and conservation background. He has always taken an active interest in all areas of Arboriculture and kept up to date with current research and developments.


Stephen started his career in Arboriculture like many by working as an Arborist for a number of years. This is where his passion and interest in Arboriculture started.

Arboricultural Consultancy

  • Planning Applications:

Stephen has worked as an Arboricultural consultant for a number of years writing reports in support of many different types of planning applications. These include large residential developments, modern housing designs in close proximity to protected trees and renewable energy schemes. Stephen is aware of the importance of working closely with the client and the Local Planning Authority to ensure the granting of planning permission.

  • Tree Inspections:

He has also been involved with a broad range of tree risk assessments for local colleges, wildlife conservation organisations, large country parks to individual home owners.

Tree Officer for Local Planning Authorities

He has also worked for a number of years as a Senior Tree Officer for a Local Planning Authority and provided a contract Tree Officer service to a National Park Planning Authority.

LinkedIN Profile

For further information regarding Stephen Lucocq’s background please visit his LinkedIN profile:

LinkedIn Profile

Tree Experience

Tree Experience

Tree Experience

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